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Meeting Effectiveness Rating System

is the integrated meeting evaluation system where people rate meetings and produce powerful reports to increase meeting effectiveness and eliminate wasteful meetings. Individuals use it for personal growth, organizations use it to drastically reduce meetings costs – everybody uses it to eliminate wasted meetings.

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        Customizeable dashboards say it all in a single page.

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        Interactive drilling by question or dimensions to highlight changes and contributions.

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        Harnass powerful online data mining tools.

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Beach Tech’s mission is to make survey interpretation easier, more engaging and accessible to those with any level of understanding. Our systems allow organizations of any size to create richer, more stable and aesthetic systems faster and better than ever before. Trusted by thousands of customers worldwide for our devotion to quality and customer care, Beach Tech helps survey professionals maximize their productivity and “deliver more than expected” every day.

We have 35 years of experience in the survey business. In the beginning we were a market leader in both scanning and reporting via paper, then email, the web and now highly interactive reporting using thin client technology.

What we do

We specialize in advanced custom surveys with “challenges” such as multiple languages, dynamically delivered content, large ongoing customer or employee satisfaction systems. We work with resellers and directly with larger organizations with demanding needs.


  • Ongoing or Longitudinal customer satisfaction programs
  • Employee Satisfaction programs
  • Warranty card logistics
  • Multiple methodology studies
  • Complex custom studies
  • Ad hock data processing, conversion, data mining and analysis




3817 W 41st St. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55410


612-924-9193 option 1

Beach Tech Authors of SurveyQwest, A powerful survey analytical reporting tool.
Beach Tech
3817 W 41st St Minneapolis, MN 55410 612-924-9193
SurveyQwest - Home Advanced cloud based survey reporting -
SurveyQwest - Comprehensive Reports Advanced cloud based survey reporting - Attractive, clear and informative reports.
SurveyQwest - Custom modules and systems for survey projects Advanced cloud based survey reporting - Custom modules make anything possible including enhancing current legacy systems.
SurveyQwest - Partners - We make YOU look good Advanced cloud based survey reporting - Brand and blend our system into your current offerings.
SurveyQwest - Comparison Advanced cloud based survey reporting - Compare and color code important metrics to find interesting relationships.
SurveyQwest - Custom report writer Advanced cloud based survey reporting - Powerful ad hoc reports are a snap.
SurveyQwest - Dashboards Advanced cloud based survey reporting - Customizable dashboards show what's changed and what to act upon.
SurveyQwest - Browse and explore Advanced cloud based survey reporting - View survey results with powerful support panels overlaying important information.
SurveyQwest - Summary Advanced cloud based survey reporting - Quick, concise summaries show it all, at a glance.
SurveyQwest - Interactive learning Advanced cloud based survey reporting - Learn about numbers without re-running reports.
SurveyQwest - Graphs Advanced cloud based survey reporting - Huge variety of interactive colorful graphics.
SurveyQwest - Importance, act on important results. Advanced cloud based survey reporting - Dynamic weights or changes and current values make actions clear.
SurveyQwest - Drill and Explore Advanced cloud based survey reporting - Explore any value with a simple click, drill, compare and learn.
SurveyQwest - Race builds engagement Advanced cloud based survey reporting - Turn boring survey reports into engaging group activities.
SurveyQwest - OLAP, Datamining Advanced cloud based survey reporting - Harnass the power of advanced data mining tools.
SurveyQwest - Unique Video Survey 'Shows' Advanced cloud based survey reporting - Everyone knows how to watch TV - engaging TV shows bring surveys to everyone.